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In the summer of 95, after completing an independent CD recorded live off the floor (in the spirit of the traditional rock and roll records of the 70's), Rick and his manager, Dee Anthony were ready to license the masters and get product out to his fans. Just before doing so they decided to take a trip to Nashville to check out the songwriting community and scout fellow songwriters - and the songs circulating around town.

After spending a week in Nashville and falling in love with the spirit of Storytown, Rick put his CD on hold and relocated to Music City USA for a few months.

His first performance was at The Bluebird Cafe as he performed one of his original compositions "Fall Between Two Stools" - a song about decisions when you come to the crossroads in your life.

Picking up a copy of the Nashville Scene Magazine he set up a game plan and started performing his songs at such venues as Tootsie's Orchid Lounge and Douglas Corner (after he learned the Nashville Number System he charted a couple of his songs and performed them with the Douglas Corner house band). "Saturday Night In A Sunset Town" and "Two Steps Behind" were compared to Steve Earle and John Mellencamp.

In the midst of one of his hotel room writing sessions,he received word from his manager that Donna Hilley had initiated an audition with one of Sony Tree's most successful songwriters - Country Hall Of Fame inductee Bobby Braddock - for the following Thursday. "Two o'clock sharp at the Sony Tree building - just bring your flat top and your songs."

Rick was signed a week later and introduced to some of Nashville's most highly recognized songwriters, co-writing and building up his catalogue, which is getting close to a hundred songs.

He continues to contribute his ideas and share his thoughts - building hit songs in the largest song factory in Nasville.

A true visionary from the two lane black top.