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April 10 / 01

Hello everyone

Well my CD release party on March 22 in Niagara Falls, Ontario went fantastic. I re-united with the original Rick Rose Band.There was also 10 other local songwriters, comedian and bands that showed and jammed all night. There is one in the planning to take place in Norwic , Connecticut . I'll keep you posted. One of my earlier bands, "Perfect Affair" recorded an album produced by Mick Ronson and the CD has finally been re-released.

Some great audio books that I had the pleasure to listen to on some of my travels are "Couplehood", "The Art Of Happiness"by The Dalai Lama.

Also in this month's issue of CANADIAN MUSICIAN, I have my own column on songwriting. I will have the next 2 issues also.

Feb. 14 / 01

Hello everyone and Happy Valentine's Day. First of all I like to thank WFM 107.1 in Holland, BRTO Radio also in Holland, 103.1 FM in Belgium, KSER 90.7 FM in Washington and 103.7 FM at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario for all playing songs of my debut CD. The response on the CD has been very
positive! There's an official CD Release Party in Niagara Falls, Ont. Canada on March 22 / 01 and I'll update you on the location in the next few weeks. Also, my CD is in the process of being added to MP3.COM and VITAMINIC.COM

Thank you

Jan. 17 / 01

Hello everyone, my CD now has been out for one month and the sales are consistent and it looks like I'm putting a new band together to go out and promote my CD. It's gonna be a 4 piece rocking band. I still will be active in the UNPLUGGED thing that I've been doing for years, but I think it's time to start rocking again! I'll let you know that players in the next few weeks. As for my friends in the business, a little update, RON SEXMITH is recording a CD in Nashville and it's being produced by classic songwriter/producer Steve Earle.

In the Big Apple ANTON FIG is just completing his solo CD, which is sounding fabulous. It's got great grooves and fantastic songwriting.

Back in Music City USA, singer/songwriter ANNA WILSON (Monty Powell's wife) is recording some great sounding songs. Her voice & songwriting are amazing. As for the Honeymoon City, keep your eyes & ears open for a great new artist PAUL ANTONIO.

As for a bit of television news , I was watching a Behind The Scenes special about Tina Turner, and I just gotta say for her age now 60 years old, it is totally awesome that she looks and sounds that great. I respect her so much for doing her thing. Long live rock & roll !!


Jan 04 2000

Hello everyone , I hope you all had a great Christmas and a New Year's Eve. Here in Niagara Falls we had a house party for New Year's, with alot of good company and classic 70's a.m. songs. A good old fashioned HOUSE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!

My CD is now available and I'm starting to get radio airplay in Holland, Belgium, Seattle, Washington. Many other stations are contacting me, wanting to add my CD to their playlist. I guess the category I'm falling under is ROOTS ROCK, AMERICANA, MODERN COUNTRy - that's the overall vibe that my CD is getting. The online sales are starting to happen and everything is very exciting.

I now have 8 of my songs being released in the next 2 months, I will post the name of all the artists in my next newsflash!

Thanks, and I'll talk tou you soon!


Dec.16 2000

Hello Everyone!

Dropping you all a line from the great USA, I'm just wrapping a little tour.

George W. Bush is now officially the President, great choice! I hear that Buffalo got hit with 3 feet of snow, it should be an adventure driving home. Well I gotta tell you, I stumbled upon a site via Little Steven's site, SINGER-SONGWRITER "Wllie Nile" this guy is great! Totally refreshing to listen to and it's worth checking out his stuff.

"ATOMIC" formerly "Drop Kick Me Jesus" out of Toronto, Canada are just getting ready to go in the studio to record their CD with highly respected record producer "Dale Penner."

I just finished working on a song with band leade / songwriter Nik Lombard - this dude sure knows how to write songs. What I heard so far from these guys is hot!!! It won't take long for the record iIndustry to recognize their talents & originality. Also it looks like I'll be starting to put together a great live band to promote my C , can't wait to stand up for a change, I've been doing the unplugged thing for quite some time.

Thanx to Angela Seeger from"BLUSH" for stopping by and singing a few songs with me at The Press Box in Niagara Falls, Canada. This girl can sing !!!!!!!

Also Jeremy Hoyle from "Strictly Hip" thanx for singing a few at Roadsters. His web site should be up and running very soon. I'll be back in the studio in Nashville recording some new originals for my publisher Sony Tree Music in early January.

Some good driving CD's to bring along ------ALICE COOPER , JETHRO TULL , BAD COMPANY

See ya!

Nov22 2000

Just got off the road folks and I gotta say there is some real live entertainment going on! ONLY IN AMERICA. First we had the OJ Simpson " the glove won't fit story" then President Clinton " Monica's stained blue dress story," Fantastic Subway series " Yankess & the Mets." Now Decision 2000 " the pregnant chad case."

If I was an American (which I'm not , I'm Canadian) , George W. Bush would have my vote. He seems to have a fire that's been lacking in past US presidents.

Word form overseas is that Joe Elliott & Phil Colin of Def Leppard will have a Mick Ronson Tribute CD released in Japan. I worked with Mick on a few of my records, and again like I say many times, he was the greatest & kindest man I think I will ever meet in the music business. I admire, respect & thank Joe & Phil for keeping Mick's spirit alive!!!!

I'm just wrapping up some of the final edits on a video for the song "YOU KNOW WHO I AM" which is one of the songs off of my CD. The video footage is taken on all the backstreets and rural areas of NIAGARA FALLS, CANADA - the parts of town that tourists & visitors don't get to see. This is where I grew up and hung out. The video will be on this site very soon.

Well, my driving music this last trip was sort of funkier than usual - The Spinners, The Stylistics, Average White Band, Billy Preston, Isley Brothers, The OJays, - some great bands. Go get their greatest hits CD's.

I'll touch base with you all next week!


"Rick, we want to thank you for the excellent music you have brought to the film and soundtrack album. We fully appreciate how difficult it is to deliver fine music under the enormous pressures which film production demands. It is a direct result of your professionalism and caring that all of the music for the film and album is nothing short of wonderful."

Paul A. Rothchild
Producer for The Doors, Janis Joplin and one time chief in command of Elektra Records


"Rick taught me how to put my thoughts into music. Now, I either write alone, or with Rick Rose and that's it!"

Louis Vanaria
Actor - starred in Robert DeNiro's "A Bronx Tale" , Tina Sinatra's "Young At Heart " & episodes of NYPD BLUE , FALCONE , SAVED BY THE BELL , KIRK

I first saw Rick Rose play back in the late 70's, with his bar band, Lennex. They were doing a lot of old R&B, Styx, and some Mott The Hoople covers, and they used to draw a pretty good crowd.

They were successful enough that it took them across Canada a few times, and all the way to Japan. Then Johnny Dee left to form Honeymoon Suite, and that's when Rick's career as a songwriter began. In the early to mid 80's Rick was packing them in night after night with his own Rick Rose Band. The group was modelled on Eddie and the Cruisers, and they were doing the same sort of stuff; very Springsteenish, Jersey-style rock. The difference was that this time the songs were Rick's own for the most part, and they were great songs, full of passion and drawing from Rick's experiences growing up in a border town.

Now Rick has entered the third stage of his career, heading down to Nashville each month and writing with some of country music's finest songsmiths. The results have been extraordinary. From what I've heard so far he's been creating some of the best music of his life. His first ever solo album should prove to be a fine marker of how far he's come since those early years.

Marty Murray
editor & webmaster
The NAIL Online